Register/Eligibility to Vote

When you're registered with Elections PEI, your voting experience at the polls will be faster and more efficient. Each time a provincial general election is called the current list of registered voters is used at the voting station for voting days. 
Call us about becoming a registered eligible voter at 1-888-234-8683


You are eligible to vote as long as you are:

  • Age 18 years old, or will be on Election Day
  • A Canadian citizen on or before Election Day
  • Living in PEI for the six months immediately before the date of the election
  • Living in the polling district on the date of the election

Acceptable forms of Identification used at the Polling Locations


When it is necessary, the Chief Electoral Officer of PEI will order a confirmation of eligible voters. Two confirmation officers appointed by your district's Returning Officer, will visit your residence within 2 days from the start of the election period and no later than 7 days to confirm your eligibility.

Register Online to Vote

It’s easy to update your personal information in the voter registry anytime your information changes, i.e. you move to a new address or have a name change. Call Elections PEI at 1-888-234-8683 ext 1 to be added to the Voter Registry.  If you are not registered, you can still vote, you just need to register at the polling location in your district.

Register in Person to Vote

If you haven't pre-registered for an election event, you can still vote, however, you will need to bring two (2) pieces of ID to prove who you are and where you live. An example is your Drivers Licence or Provincial Voluntary ID and a Utility Bill. This is to prove "who" you are and "where" you live. You may also get registered during an election period at the Returning Office for your district. 

Registration for Post-Secondary Students

If you are attending school on PEI and living away from your family home, you may choose to vote in the district of your family home or the district of the address on PEI where you are living while attending school. Please make sure your voter registration has the address you intend to use. 

Out-of-province students - If you are attending school outside PEI and cannot get home to vote in an advance poll or on Election Day, you may still vote in the election using a mail-in ballot. Please ensure you complete the mail-in ballot process before the deadline.