Provincial Elections

Elections PEI's mandate is to conduct the impartial administration of provincial elections, provincial by-elections,  plebiscites and referendums. The Chief Electoral Officer of PEI issues the Writ of Election upon receiving the executive order from government. The Election Act (PDF) of PEI is the source of all information regarding election rules and procedures on Prince Edward Island.

The 67th Prince Edward Island general election is tentatively scheduled for 2 October 2023

Members of the Legislative Assembly

Political parties on PEI try to have their candidates elected to the Legislative Assembly to represent the 27 electoral districts. Each district has only one elected candidate to represent all living in the district. The party with the most elected candidates, forms the government. 

Voter Turnout

Prince Edward Island is the envy of Canada with voter turnout generally over 80%. Tracking voter turnout records dating back to 1966 shows the highest turnout for a provincial general election happened in May of 1970 with 87.32% of eligible voters going to the polls, while the lowest was in October 2011 with 76.33% of eligible voters going to the polls. Here is a summary of Voter Percentage Turnout (PDF) from 1966 to present day.

Electoral District Maps

The next provincial general election will be using the new electoral district boundaries as established by the Electoral Boundaries Commission (PDF) in 2017. View the new districts.