For Voters

This webpage is dedicated to help all eligible voters on PEI

Register As a Voter / Your Eligibility
 - Links to get registered with our on-line secure registration portal and a review of voter eligibility.

 Voting Dates and Times
 Bring Your ID to Vote

Here are three instructional videos to help electors have a better understanding of Eligibility, Marking Ballots and Mail-In Ballots.  Click on each video and once it begins type f on your keyboard to make the video fullscreen.

Proving your Eligibility
How To Mark A Ballot
Mail-in Ballot
Advance polls
Voting as a Post-Secondary Student
Special Services for Voters
Time Off Work for Voting / Voting for New Canadians

You may choose one of two ways to vote in an election, in person at the polling station or by mail-in ballot. If you are a registered voter you will be mailed a Voter Information Card with dates, times and locations of voting days.

It is required by the Election Act ....You need to bring one of your current Gov't issued ID's. - PEI Driver's License,
PEI Health Card or Voluntary ID Card
If your ID is not up to date, you will need to provide further proof of "who" you are and "where" you reside to the Registration Clerk at the polls.