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Elections PEI is answering your questions about elections : When are they? Who picks the dates? How to the names go on the ballots?  Who makes the districts?  Am I eligible to vote? What do you do with the ballots after an election?

The Chief Electoral Officer of Prince Edward Island; Tim Garrity, answers these questions and more with "Just a Moment with the CEO"

If you have a question about Elections PEI or the electoral process on PEI, ask us. We'd only be too happy to answer.
Send in your questions today to info@electionspei.ca

What is Elections PEI mandate? How can I be sure my ballot was counted?
How are the Ballots designed? How many people work for an election event?
How can I vote if I'm scheduled to work? How does a Mail In Ballot option work?
If I apply for a Mail In Ballot, can I vote at a poll location instead? Does Elections PEI pick the dates when an election will happen?
Can I vote for a friend who is away or out of province? How do I know if I am eligible to vote?
What kind of information is on the Voter Registry about me? What opportunities are available to me to vote in an election?
What happens to the ballots following an election? Why do the election workers use computers at the polls?
Why does it take so long sometimes to get the election results? What happens if there is a tie between candidates?
How do recounts work? Does Elections PEI make the electoral boundaries?
How does Elections PEI select polling locations? Will there ever be internet voting on PEI?
What should I do about improperly placed election signs? Can students studying at school off island still vote?
Can a Candidate withdraw from an election? Fake News / Misinformation
Getting Registered to vote How can I vote with no fixed address?
What happens to rejected ballots? Who makes the rules and procedures for an election?
How can I work at an election?