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During provincial elections and by-elections, Elections PEI actively seeks out Islanders interested in working during advance voting days and Election Day. Working at one of our many polling locations across the Island allows you the opportunity to become part of the democratic process and interact with members of your community.

This page lists positions and descriptions of the jobs we will be hiring for. If you're interested, contact the Returning Officer in your district.

  Returning Officer

A Returning Officer is an Elections Official appointed for life.  They administer the election process in each of their own 27 districts on PEI, responsible for hiring staff, selecting voting locations, counting the votes and reporting the results to Elections PEI. If you would like to work in any of the positions listed on this page, please contact the Returning Officer for your district.

  Confirmation Officer

Confirmation Officers often referred to as Enumerators, go from household to household to confirm the voters living at that address.The Confirmation period will take place no longer than 9 days from the issue of the Writ, or the start of the election period.

  Registration Clerk

Registration Clerks work during advance voting days and Election Day to register new voters at the voting locations and to update voter information in an online database. Computer skills are essential to working as a registration clerk as you will be responsible for registering electors in a timely manner.  

  Poll Clerk

Poll Clerks work during advance voting days and Election Day to record the vote totals using a computer and barcode scanner. The Poll Clerk is generally the first election official voters meet when they go to vote. In addition to recording the votes, they also help in counting the ballots when the polls close on Election Day. Basic computer skills would be beneficial, but not necessary as all training will be provided. 

  Deputy Returning Officer

A Deputy Returning Officer also known as a DRO has very specific and important duties. These include providing ballots to electors and witnessing the ballots being deposited into the ballot box.The DRO alone is responsible for the handling ballots for the voting and counting. 

  Information Officer

The Information Officer (formerly known as a Constable) is the first election official a voter will meet when they come to a polling station. The Information Officer is responsible for checking for Voter Information Cards (VICs) and making sure Voters have the correct acceptable ID They direct voters where to go within the polling station to vote.They ensure the flow of traffic at the polling station flow smoothly and may assist anyone with mobility issues into the polling station.