Electoral System Referendum

A referendum vote was held along with the 2019 provincial general election. Voters received two ballots in the election, one to vote for the candidate of their choice in their district and the second ballot to vote on the Electoral System Referendum.

The Referendum ballot asked the question "Should Prince Edward Island change its voting system to a mixed member proportional voting system?".

There was a threshold set for the referendum of 50% +1 of voters in 17 districts to be declared the winner, whether it be for the "No" vote or the "Yes" vote.
Following the vote there was no clear winner as neither side was able to secure 17 districts.  The outcome had the Opponents winning in 12 districts, with the Proponents winning in 15 districts. View the district breakdown of the vote.

Island Map depicting voting results of 2019 Referendum on Electoral Reform

Referendum PEI had the responsibility of public education and the disbursement of funds to opponent or proponent groups to promote the electoral system of their choosing.