2005 Mixed Member Proportional Plebiscite

Image of ballot for 2005 Plebiscite - image shows white text on a black background. The text says Should Prince Edward Island change to the Mixed Member Proportional System as presented by the Commission of PEI's Electoral Future? With blank boxes beside No and Yes options.

A Writ of Plebiscite was issued on October 31, 2005 that sent Prince Edward Islander voters to the polls on November 28, 2005 concerning a plebiscite for a Mixed Member Proportional System for PEI. 

63,58% of Islanders (20,515) voted against this plebiscite, 36.42% (11,750)  were in favor of a Mixed Member Proportional electoral system.
The district most in favour o change in 2005 was District 12 with 56.64% of voters saying YES, while the district most opposed was District 27 with 88.57% of voters saying NO.
The Ballot. 

Read the Chief Electoral Officer's full report on the 2005 Plebiscite on Mixed Member Proportional (PDF).