Training Videos

Elections PEI has developed a series of videos to help you with your duties when you're working at a polling location during an election. These videos cover the basics of each of the election officials duties. Your Returning Officer will provide more in-depth training and supply you with a training manual.
When you click on each video to play, hover your mouse over the lower right corner of the video to enlarge the playback to be full screen or click on each video and once it begins type f on your keyboard to make the video fullscreen.

Legend: SDRO - Supervising Deputy Returning Officer
                    IO -  Information Officer
                    RC - Registration Clerk
                 DRO - Deputy Returning Officer

Worker Introductory Video

Registration Clerk

Voterview Login
RC- Scanning a VIC
RC- Searching for an Elector
RC- Moving an Elector
RC - Add New Elector to Existing Address
RC - Add New Elector and New Property
RC - Make Ineligible, Eligible to Vote

Deputy Returning Officer

DRO - Passing Out Ballots
DRO - Counting the Ballots
DRO - Accepted vs Rejected Ballots


DRO & RC - Statement of Poll
DRO & RC - Oath of Elector