Voting in PEI

You may choose one of two ways to vote in an election, in person at the polling station or by mail-in ballot. If you are a registered voter you will receive a Voter Information Card with dates, times and locations of voting days.

  Vote In Person

You can vote on Election Day at the voting station assigned to you based on your residential address or you can vote during one of three Advance Voting Days. Refer to your Voter Information Card (VIC) card to confirm your voting locations. 

Here's the easy steps to voting in PEI:

  • register with Elections PEI
  • look for your Voter Information Card (VIC) in the mail directing you when and where to vote
  • bring your VIC and valid photo ID to the polling station
  • a Poll Clerk will scan your VIC into their computer and check your ID to verify you
  • a Deputy Returning Officer (DRO) will exchange a ballot for your VIC and direct you where to mark your ballot in privacy
  • fold and return your ballot to the DRO to deposit into the ballot box. 

That's it, you've voted. Once every last person in the voting station has had their chance to vote, the ballot box will be unsealed and opened to count the ballots. Most voting opportunities like this, now take less than 5 minutes. 

  Advance polls

During an official election, there are three Advance Voting days scheduled in addition to Election Day for your convenience.
Dates, times and locations of voting days will be available on the Voter Information Card (VIC)..

Advance Polls are open from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. and held on:

  • Saturday, the 9th day before Polling Day; 
  • Monday, the 7th day before Polling Day; and 
  • Friday, the 3rd day before Polling Day
  Voting as a Post-Secondary Student

If you are studying in PEI and living away from your family home, you may choose to vote in the district of your family home or the district of the address on PEI where you are living while attending school. If you attend school outside PEI and unable to vote in an Advance Poll or on Election Day, you may complete the mail-in ballot

  Special Services for Voters

Elections PEI is committed to providing every individual equal access to vote. Mobile voting stations are available to residents in hospitals and long-term care facilities to enable convenient and, if necessary, bedside voting.

At each polling station voters are entitled to receive special services as requested or as required to be able to vote, including:

  • Accessibility – Every polling station and voting booth is wheelchair accessible. Other challenges we offer assistance in may include visual or hearing impairment, low literacy or help for new Canadians.
  • Voting Assistance – A deputy returning officer or friend may assist a voter in marking their ballot if the voter requests assistance. The voter will be asked to take an oath or make a declaration.
  • Language Assistance – A voter who is unable to understand English for any reason, i.e. visual or hearing impairment, low literacy level, speaks another language, may bring another person to interpret and accompany them into the voting station to assist with marking their ballot.
  Time Off Work for Voting / Voting for New Canadians

Time off from work to vote
Section 81 of the Election Act  allows for at least one hour for eligible voters to vote on Election Day.

    Voting As A New Canadian
    Congratulations on your decision to become a Canadian citizen. You may be now be eligible to take part in voting for the next provincial election.  Please take a look through our pamphlet (PDF) on what you need to know to vote as a new Canadian.