Election Expenses

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: The financial reports from all 2019 provincial general election candidates is due by Wednesday August 28, 2019

Funds spent on election expenses and contributions to candidates and political parties must be reported to the Chief Electoral Officer.

Here is a handy Guide for Official Agent of a Candidate (PDF)...a reminder of what is and what is not an election expense

Before the Election

The Official Agent of your party can explain expenses and contributions with you so you are aware of:

  • what an election expense is
  • what an election contribution is, and
  • the limits for contributions and expenses 

After the Election

The Official Agent of every registered party and/or candidate has to file financial reports within 120 days after an election period with the Chief Electoral Officer.

These financial reports of election expenses, are accompanied by the invoices, receipts and other vouchers and an affidavit from the official agent verifying it's accuracy, along with a required auditor's report.


Election Spending Limits

The election spending limits and reimbursement rates for candidates during an election are outlined in the Election Expenses Actand are subject to change with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) using the annual 1995 index as the base.

The 2017 CPI changes have modified the rates to the following:

Candidate spending limits -  $2.73/eligible elector.
Party spending limits - $9.43/eligible elector 

Candidate reimbursement rate - minimum $2000, and a maximum of $4000.

* Candidate reimbursements are subject to receiving at least 15 percent of the popular vote in the electoral district in which they ran. The reimbursement is equal to the current rate as amended by the CPI for each eligible elector within the district, subject to a minimum payment of $1,500 and a maximum payment of $3,000.

For more information about election expenses, please refer to Section 20 of the Election Expenses Act (PDF).

Learn more about contributions or election childcare expenses in our Election Expenses Act - Interpretation Guideline (PDF).

You can find some useful information about party fundraising dinners and other ticketed events with our Fundraising - Interpretation Guide (PDF).

Elections PEI has listed the political party expenses for the 2015 Provincial General Election (PDF).