How to Become a Registered Candidate or Party


To become a candidate in an election, you must first go through a nomination process. You can be nominated as an independent candidate, or as a candidate for one of the four registered political parties. You can only be nominated as a candidate in one electoral district per election.

How does the nomination process work?
Am I qualified to be a candidate?
What happens if I am the only candidate in my district on Nomination Day?
What are the rules and guidelines for political advertising?

Political Parties

New Party Registration

Section 24 "Registration of Parties" of the Election Act completely outlines the requirements of registering as a political party.
The requirements to be registered as a political party are that the party

(a) held at least one seat in the Legislative Assembly following the most recent election;

(b) endorsed at least 10 nominated candidates in the most recent general election;

(c) endorses at least 10 nominated candidates following the date of a writ of election for a general election; or

(d) at any time, except between the date a writ of election and polling day, provides the Chief Electoral Officer with the names, addresses and signatures of persons who
                         (i) represent 0.35% of the number of electors eligible to vote at the last general election,
                        (ii) are currently eligible to vote in an election, and
                        (iii) request the registration of that political party.