Impact of COVID-19

Jan 24, 2022
Due to the recent Covid 19 restrictions, the Elections PEI will be open regular business hours, however most of the staff will be working remotely. 
The staff is accessible by calling 1-888-234-8683 and leaving a message with the appropriate team member (see our Contacts page) 

Elections PEI continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact on Prince Edward Island. In between electoral events, Elections PEI continues it's ongoing readiness planning, and as part, we're exploring a new operational approach to deliver an election in the context of a pandemic and post-pandemic.

The health and safety of electors and the thousands of election workers who make a general election possible will always be a priority. As a result, Elections PEI is currently analyzing which measures should be put in place for the next election event.

Working Group
Elections PEI has joined a working group of other electoral agencies from across Canada to discuss, collaborate and put in place "best practices" in this new environment.

Impact of COVID-19 on how you can vote
Voting in Advance Polls or on Election Day will look very different in future election events, while we are still under the grips of COVID-19. Special consideration will be given to keep not only our election workers safe but also, you the voter. This will change how polling stations are set up to vote, the number of polling locations and activities within.

Communication with Electors
Elections PEI will keep residents of Prince Edward Island updated on any and all changes to the way you will be able to vote in the future. We will reveal new developments here on our website, on our social media channels as well as media releases to the news agencies on PEI. We are committed to regular communication with you about the measures we're taking to prepare for the next election event.

Contact Us
We welcome your questions and or suggestions. You can call or email  the Elections PEI office through our Contacts page