Find My District

Follow the steps below to find your provincial or municipal voting districts:

  1. Go to the Address Locator Tool
  2. Enter the street number in the "Street Number" field. Do not include the street name.
  3. Enter the street name in the "Street Name" field. Only include the first part of the name. For example, to find "Queen Street," enter "Queen."
  4. Click the "Go" button. You will see a list of results in the right hand column. 
  5. Click the street number in the right hand column and you'll see a point marked on the map with details listed in the right hand column.
  6. Click the "Show Address Details" button in the right hand column. A new browser tab will open showing details about the address. Scroll down to the sections called "Provincial Electoral Information" and "Municipal Electoral Information" to find the provincial and municipal voting districts.