Current Returning Officers

Here is a list of Returning Officers that run the elections in your district. Your Returning Officer can help you by:

  • hiring you to work in the next election
  • finding your voting location
  • telling you about voting dates and times
  • registering candidates
  • registering voters to vote on election day

Click on a name below to email your Returning Officer. 

Current Returning Officers
Districts Returning Officer  
District 1 Nova MacIsaac  
District 2 Marie Curran  
District 3 Sean Halley   
District 4 William MacGuigan  
District 5 Janet Fisher  
District 6 Rick Richard  
District 7 Keith Lambe  
District 8 Gordon Ellis  
District 9 Ethan Garrett  
District 10 Allison MacDonald  
District 11 Virginia Duffy  
District 12 Amy Doyle  
District 13 Paula MacKinnon  
District 14 Heather Tedford  
District 15 David Tingley  
District 16 Bev Gaudet  
District 17 Marion Miller  
District 18 Michelle Pineau  
District 19 Claire Lockhart  
District 20 Debby Sudsbury  
District 21 Gary Simpson  
District 22 Oscar Hornyik  
District 23 Peggy Kilbride  
District 24 Allison Arsenault  
District 25 Margie MacWilliams  
District 26 Jean Meggison  
District 27 Harvey Mazerolle