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District 20 - Kensington - Malpeque

District 20 Boundaries Thumbnail

Current Member of the Legislative Assembly

Polling Divisions

  1. Sherbrooke
  2. Starling Street
  3. Travellers Rest
  4. New Annan
  5. Kelvin Grove North
  6. Commercial Street
  7. MacLean Avenue
  8. Clermont
  9. Indian River
  10. Baltic
  11. Irishtown
  12. Southwest River
  13. Clinton

Map of Polling Division Boundaries

Downloadable Maps

Map of District Boundaries

Downloadable Maps

Historial Results and Reference Information

Legal Description of District Boundaries

From the Electoral Boundaries Act:

Commencing at a point where New London Bay meets the Gulf of St. Lawrence; thence westwardly along said gulf to Malpeque Bay; thence southwardly along said bay to Sherbrooke Community Limits; thence southwardly along said community limits to the Sherbrooke Road; thence eastwardly along said road to township line # 17; thence southwardly along said township line to Water Street East; thence eastwardly along said street to Read Drive; thence northwardly along said drive to Travellers Rest Community Limits; thence eastwardly along said community limits and an extension thereof to the Wilmot Valley Road (Route # 120); thence southwardly along said road to the Blue Shank Road (Route # 107); thence eastwardly along said road and Nineteen Road (Route # 107) to the county line between Prince and Queens County; thence southwardly along said county line to township line # 67; thence eastwardly along said township line to the Grahams Road (Route # 8); thence northwardly along said road to Southwest River; thence eastwardly along said river to New London Bay and the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the point of commencement.

Programmatic Access to this Data

Using the Elections PEI API, you can obtain the data on this page in XML format at:

Provincial Electoral Map

Downloadable Map

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