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Nomination of Mayor and Councillor Candidates


All candidates for Councillor or Mayor must meet the following qualifications under Section 5(4) of the Charlottetown Area Municipalities Act and City of Summerside Act:

(a) is a Canadian citizen;
(b) is at least 18 years of age, or will attain that age on or before election day;
(c) has resided in the province for at least the six-month period immediately preceding election day; and
(d) is ordinarily resident in the municipality on election day.

Nomination Process

Nomination Papers will be available from the Returning Officer once the Writ of Election has been issued and the Returning Officer’s headquarters is open (on the date of the Writ)

A person will be recognized as a Mayor or Councillor candidate who meets the qualifications of a candidate and has ten (10) or more persons who are entitled to have their name registered on the list of electors for the Municipality for which a Writ of Election has been issued.

All candidates must file with the Returning Officer at the Returning Officer Headquarters, a completed Nomination Paper at any time between the date of the issue of the Writ of Election and 2:00 p.m. on Nomination Day. The candidate must also deposit with the Returning Officer the sum of $100 in legal tender, money order, or certified cheque made payable to the Municipality.

Candidates will have their deposit refunded if the candidate is elected or receives not less than one third the number of votes of the candidate elected.

The Town of Stratford does not require any deposit to be a candidate for Mayor or Councillor.

Writ of Election for the 2018 Municipal Elections is    OCTOBER 1, 2018

Close of Nomination for both Mayor and Councillor is  OCTOBER 19, 2018   2:00 P.M.

After the above paperwork has been completed the candidates are entitled to have their name listed on the ballots and advertised with a Notice to Voters.

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