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Roles and Responsibilities of Trustees

What does a school trustee do?


The primary purpose of a school trustee is to represent the parents and the needs of the school children. Trustees participate in the discussions and decisions of the school board.

According to Section 49 of the School Act, school boards are responsible for:
  • The provision of instruction in an educational program to all those enrolled and eligible.
  • To provide for the management of staff and its staff development needs.
  • To provide for and manage facilities and equipment.
  • To provide transportation for students.
  • To manage the financial affairs of the school board.
  • To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of schools.
  • To ensure the development and approval of school improvement plans.
  • To encourage good relations among schools, parents and the community, and to promote awareness of the importance of education.
As a member of the school board, school trustees share in the above responsibilities, as well as helping to develop policies around:
  • the provision of educational programs and services
  • the administration and management of staff, facilities, and equipment
  • the financial affairs of the board
  • the suspension and expulsion of students
  • student attendance and assessment
  • conducting pilot or local programs
  • the management of volunteer services.

Who qualifies to be a school trustee?

Candidates for Trustees must be Canadian citizens who are eighteen years of age or older on the date of the election and must have been ordinarily resident in the electoral zone for at least six months prior to the date of the election.

In addition, Trustees must meet one of the following qualifications: 
  • must be the parent of a student receiving French first language instruction on PEI, or
  • must be eligible to have a child receive French first-language instruction, or
  • must be eligible to have a child receive French first-language instruction, if the candidate had a child.

How do I become a school trustee?

School trustees are elected officials. In order to become a candidate for school trustee, you must first be nominated. Using this nomination form, any 10 or more people who also meet the requirements to be a trustee (as stated above) may nominate you as a candidate for the zone in which you both reside. You can check the zone maps to find out details about boundaries.

The nomination is made by filing, with the zone returning officer, a nomination paper in the form approved by the Chief Electoral Officer, at any time between the beginning date of the election campaign and 4:00 pm on nomination day. Nomination day will be Friday, the seventeenth day before ordinary polling day.

Following nomination day, the Chief Electoral Officer determines the eligibility of candidates. The names of all eligible candidates will be published in provincial newspapers. Details regarding the electoral zones and polling stations will also be published at that time.
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