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Information on Nomination Of Candidates

A person will be recognized as a candidate at an election who meets the qualifications of an elector (Election Act Section 20) and has 25 or more persons, entitled under section 20, to have their names registered on the list of electors for an electoral district for which a writ has been issued. Candidates must file with the Returning Officer Form 3, duly completed at any time between the date of the proclamation and 2:00 p.m. on nomination day. The candidate must also deposit with the Returning Officer the sum of $200 in legal tender, money order, or certified cheque made payable to the Provincial Treasurer.

After the above paperwork has been completed the candidates are entitled to have their name on the ballot and Notice to Voters.

Candidates will have their deposit refunded if the candidate's official agent files the documents required under by section 20 (1) of the Election Expenses Act with the Chief Electoral Officer within the period of time required by the subsection, the Provincial Treasurer shall return the deposit to the candidate, or if the candidate dies before the close of the polls, he or she shall return it to the candidate or his or her personal representative; or in all other cases, the candidates deposit shall be paid to the Operating Fund.

Although these cases are very rare, on Election Day the candidates may be advised of any changes to:

  1. poll location;
  2. combined polls;
  3. last minute areas large enough to be revised i.e. a whole apartment bldg. etc. after approval by the Chief Electoral Officer.

The totals phoned to the Election Central on election night for tally are unofficial and for media information only.

The date and time of the official tabulation is printed on the Notice to Voters. These figures are used to compile the return from the records, which are the official poll results of the Election.

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