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Polling Day and Polling Places

Election Officials

There will be two election officials working at each polling stations. They are the Deputy Returning Officer and the Poll Clerk. Their duty is to control the voting procedures on Election Day. Deputy Returning Officers and Poll Clerks are nominated by the parties who had the highest and second highest number of votes in the previous election.

Each Returning Officer must select between 10 to 18 teams of election officials to staff all the polling stations.   All elections official receive training which is very important if voting is to be done uniformly across the province.

Returning Officers give the Election Officials all the necessary supplies they will need on Election day. Their supplies include the List of Electors, the Poll Book (to make note of everything that occurs at the polling place), and the ballots.

On Election Day, Returning Officers try to have Polling Stations as close as possible to where voters live. All Polling Stations must be wheelchair accessible.

Voting also takes place in nursing homes and long-term health care institutions, so the physically disabled can vote, even at their bedside.

Voting Procedure at the Poll

  1. Voters give their name and address,
  2. The Deputy Returning Officer finds the name on the Official List of Electors and the name is then crossed off,
  3. The Poll Clerk writes the name of the Voter in the Poll Book,
  4. The Deputy Returning Officer gives the Voter a folded Ballot,
  5. The Voter marks their Ballot behind a screen,
  6. The Voter returns their Ballot to the Deputy Returning Officer, and the
  7. Deputy Returning Officer removes the numbered counter foil and either places the Ballot in the Ballot Box or returns the ballot to the voter so they may place it in the Ballot Box.

MORE >> Polling Station Layout [PDF, 10KB]

Advance Polls

Besides Polling Day (Election Day) there is Advance Poll voting.   These advance polls provide the opportunity to those voters who may not be available on ordinary polling day.   All votes cast in the advance poll do not get counted until ordinary polling day.

Advance Polls are conducted on Saturday, the 9th day before Polling Day, on Monday, the 7th day before Polling Day and on Friday, the 3rd day before Polling Day.


Agents (candidates' representatives) are entitled to be present at the advance poll and on regular polling day but must provide a signed certificate from the party they represent.  They may also be present when the ballots are counted after the close of the poll on election night.

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