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List of Electors and Registration of Electors

List of Electors


Elections P.E.I. maintain a list of electors from previous election periods.  When an election is called,  confirmation officers attend every residence in Prince Edward Island and confirm the information Elections P.E.I. has on the Official List of Electors.  Confirmation Officer's visit every residence at least twice and if no one is home during their visit, they will leave a Notice of Call.  With the Notice of Call, the occupants will be instructed to contact the Returning Officer to confirm the information or to have their names added to the Official List of Electors.  Once the Confirmation Officer's have completed canvassing their Districts, they deliver the confirmation records to the Returning Officer who review the records to ensure they are complete.  The documents are then delivered to the Chief Electoral Officer. The Chief Electoral Officer prepares a preliminary List of Electors from this information When the Registration of Electors is complete, an Official List of Electors is then produced.  It is this list which is used at a polling stations during an election.


Registration of Electors

An elector who was not confirmed during the confirmation period may have his or her name added to the List of Electors by supplying the Returning Officer of their electoral district with the necessary information during the Voter Registration Period which ends, thirteen (13) days prior to ordinary polling day.

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