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Election Procedures

Electoral District - the geographical area from which one person is elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Prince Edward Island. Electoral boundaries are set by the Electoral Boundaries Act. Prince Edward Island is divided into 27 electoral districts.

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Polling Division - the geographical area in an electoral district. There are 291 polling divisions on Prince Edward Island.

Confirmation - the preparation of the preliminary list of electors from the door-to-door canvass of each polling division by two confirmation officers, each representing a different political interest. These confirmation officers have to be qualified electors in the electoral district and are hired following the call of the election. One confirmation officer is hired by the request of the party in power and the second by the party in official opposition.

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Proclamation - is the official notice from the Returning Officer indicating the date, place and time for the close of nomination of candidates; the days and hours of the advance and regular polls.

Voter Registration - the time period commencing from the 17th day to the 13th day before polling day, where eligible electors, missed during the confirmation, have an opportunity to have their names included on the list of electors. Also an opportunity for persons whose names were incorrectly included in the list of electors to request to have their names added, deleted or corrected.

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Nomination Paper - a document signed by at least 25 qualified electors in the electoral district giving the name and address of the candidate being nominated. Nomination papers may be submitted during the 10 days previous and up to the deadline set in law (17th day before polling day, by 2:00 p.m.). A deposit of $200.00 must be submitted to the Returning Officer at the time the nomination paper is filed. This deposit will be returned to all candidates when the official agent of the candidate has filed the documents required under subsection 20(1) of the Election Expenses Act with the Chief Electoral Officer within the period of time required by the subsection, the Provincial Treasurer shall return the deposit to the candidate.

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Advance Polls - the Saturday (9th day), Monday (7th day) and Friday (3rd day) before polling day. There is one advance poll per electoral district.  Advance polls are designed for electors who expect to be unable to vote on election day.

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Mail-in Ballots - special voting provisions made for qualified voters who are: 1. physically disabled 2. members of the Canadian Forces 3. incarcerated in provincial institutions, a federal penitentiary or a youth custody facility or 4. residing temporarily outside the Province (which includes students and their spouses) and who are unable to attend at either the advance or regular polling station in his or her electoral district. Any such qualified elector may apply to the Returning Officer to vote by Mail-in Ballot. Prescribed application forms, applications to vote by Mail-in Ballot are available from the Returning Officer's office.

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Mobile Polls - special polls that are set up where they are warranted for the convenience of patients in extended health-care facilities.

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Election Central - the "operations centre" for Elections PEI on Polling Day.
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