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Candidate Qualifications and Nomination

Candidates and Election PEI staff working together can achieve trouble free and cost-effective elections.

There are 27 electoral districts (or ridings) in the province with one Returning Officer appointed to administer the election in each electoral district. The work of the Returning Officers and Elections PEI begins months prior to the issue of the Writ of Election. The electoral district is studied and the polling division boundaries are reviewed, and revised when appropriate. New maps, poll descriptions are prepared. During this period, Returning Officers take part in instructions at Elections PEI in Charlottetown. They are instructed concerning any changes to the Election Act, election procedures, new forms and/or materials.

Qualifications for Candidates

A person may be nominated as a candidate at an election who:

  • is a Canadian citizen;
  • has attained the age of 18 years or will obtain that age on or before nomination day;
  • is not disqualified or ineligible under this Act, or any other Act, to be a candidate or a member of the Legislative Assembly; and
  • is qualified as an elector in any one of the electoral districts referred to in the Electoral Boundaries Act.

Who may Nominate Candidates

Any 25 or more persons, entitled under section 20 of the Election Act to have their names registered on a list of electors for an electoral district for which a writ has been issued, may nominate a candidate for the electoral district (a) by filing a nomination paper in Form 3, duly completed, with the Returning Officer, at any time between the date of the proclamation and 2:00 p.m. on nomination day; and (b) by depositing with the Returning Officer the sum of $200 (payment can be by legal tender, certified cheque or a money order for that amount).

If you are a federal public servant...

Before seeking nomination as, or being, a candidate in a federal, provincial, territorial or municipal election, federal public servants subject to the political activities provisions (Part 7) of the Public Service Employment Act are required to obtain permission from the Public Service Commission and, if applicable, a leave of absence without pay during the election period. To find out more about your legal rights and responsibilities regarding political activities visit

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