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Election Financing

Prince Edward Island's electoral financial legislation currently does not limit the amount of contributions a registered political party or candidate may collect. However, the official agent shall issue a receipt in the form prescribed under the Income Tax Act for contributions of more than $25 made to a registered political party or candidate (Election Expenses Act - section 11.2).

The official agent of every registered political party must provide the Chief Electoral Officer with the name and address of all contributors in excess of $250 on or before May 31 each year (Election Expenses Act -section 16.1).


Report of Election Expenses - 2015 Provincial Election

Within 120 days after a General Election, the official agent for each political party must report the election expenses for each registered political party and registered candidate [Section 20(1) Election Expense Act].


Public Funding of Candidate Expenses - 2015 Provincial Election

Every registered candidate who receives at least 15 percent of the popular vote is entitled to be reimbursed by the Chief Electoral Officer the lesser of election expenses as shown on the financial expenses filed with the Chief Electoral Officer or an amount equal to $1.125* for each elector on the official list of electors in the electoral district. This is subject to a minimum payment of $1,500 and a maximum payment of $3,000 [Section 22(1) Election Expense Act].


*payment increased in accordance with the Consumer Price Index using the 1995 Statistics Canada annual CPI report.

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